Zippo Outdoor Rugged Lantern Review

You can drop it, toss it or soak it, but the Zippo Outdoor Rugged Lantern will keep on working throughout it all to ensure you have a bright light to illuminate your car-camping adventures.

Zippo Outdoor Rugged Lantern

Zippo Outdoor Rugged Lantern

The Zippo Rugged Latern has high-quality LED that outputs 220 lumens on high. The extra long light tube with soft glow diffuser distributes light evenly. Stainless steel tubes and rubber corners cushion the blow from drops up to five feet. Built-in lithium-ion battery provides up to 12 hours of use on high, 18 hours on medium and 59 hours on low. This lantern even floats on water. 120V AC wall charger included for recharging the lithium-ion battery.


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