zippo outdoor campfire carrier

The Zippo Outdoor Campfire Carrier Makes Camping Easy

As kids we remember getting to a campsite and while our parents we’re getting the tent set up, we went running into the woods to collect firewood. As children we paid no attention to all the scratches, slivers or cuts we got from carrying that firewood. But as adults we notice all of those slivers and scratches. And we don’t enjoy it. We recently starting use the Zippo Outdoor Campfire Carrier and it has made our weekend camping trip much easier (and less painful).

zippo outdoor campfire carrier

Zippo Outdoor Campfire Carrier

The Campfire Carrier is made tough, with a really wide opening to stack more than an armload of firewood for easy carrying. The material is high quality and we really like the ballistic nylon straps. They are sewn in really well so we haven’t had to worry about it breaking.We also enjoy the rubber handle, as it fits well in your hand and is comfortable. The outside of the carrier is lined with mesh pockets to hold your lighter, gloves, fire starters etc.

We’ve found quite a few uses for the Zippo Outdoor Campfire Carrier. It obviously makes gathering wood easy but we also use it right when we get to camp to carry all of our gear from the car to the campsite. It’s affordable and we have already gotten a lot of use out of it, we’d definitely suggest checking it out.

Price: $24.95

See The Zippo Outdoor Campfire Carrier In Action