Holiday Gift Guide

Zing Anything Citrus Zinger

We love taking a water bottle with us on the go, but we’ve found ourselves getting bored with plain water, and we don’t want the added sugar of processed drinks.  The Citrus Zinger has been a great alternative to plain H2O, giving us an easy way to make citrus infusion without any hassle or mess. We used Zing Anything’s Citrus Zinger to juice lemons, limes, oranges and tangerines directly into our water bottle, and we loved the extra boost of flavor and vitamin C. This is definitely one of those products that seems so simple, but it does so much for you. It’s hard to think of someone who wouldn’t appreciate an item or two from the Zing Anything line up as a gift.

Whether we’re camping in the great outdoors or hard at work at the 50 Campfires basecamp, we’re always trying to get our eight glasses of water each day. But we can only drink plain water for so long before we need some flavor, and when we need a little citrus zip, we turn to Zing Anything’s Citrus Zinger. With a design process that focused on ease of use and quick cleanup, the Citrus Zinger allows you to simply unscrew the bottom, add a citrus half of your choice into the included reamer, reassemble, add 28 ounces of water and enjoy fresh lemonades, limeades, and orangeades.

With the Citrus Zinger, adding ice to your concoctions is easy, as the wide-mouth bottom easily accommodates ice cubes. Reusable and BPA-free, the Citrus Zinger is a great gift option for anyone on your list that enjoys an active lifestyle, easily infusing water with vitamin C and flavor, keeping them hydrated from the gym to the office and back again.

Manufacturer: Zing Anything
Product Name: Citrus Zinger
MSRP: $15.99