Xero Shoes Z Trek Sandal Overview

Overview: This is the new Xero Shoes Z Trek Sandal. Think of Choco, Teva or Keen, but it only weighs about seven ounces. And if you want to, you can roll it up to an incredibly small size. So obviously, it’s perfect for camping, traveling, you name it. It’s rugged enough to do anything from taking a walk to running a hundred mile ultra-marathon. One of the best parts about wearing sandals is that you get natural movement. No one understand and executes that better than Xero. Most sport sandals have uncomfortable straps, they weigh a ton, and are pretty ugly. The Z Trek Sandal really breaks away from that mold and will have you rethinking what a sport sandal is.

Xero has also made some improvements to their existing product line, including their Cloud. Xero has implemented some new colors and have a new tensioning system where you just zip it on your foot and you’re ready to go for anything you can possibly imagine from water sports to just chilling with your friends. Xero’s also got some great new colors, including their aqua and lemon and things that you’ll see on their website. Speaking of Xero’s website, go check them out at Xeroshoes.com. If you are in the market for a great pair of sport sandals, you really owe it to yourself to check Xero out.

Manufacturer: Xero Shoes
Product Name: Z Trek Sandal
MSRP: $59.99

Xero Shoes Z Trek Sandal


Xero Shoes Z Trek Sandal