selecting your cut of steak
Selecting your cut of steak

World-Class Steak: Steak Saucing and Sides

This post is part of our 50 Campfires series, 9 Rules for Flame-Cooking a World-Class Steak, giving you a complete guide to one of the best camping meals imaginable. The final step in cooking a world-class steak is understanding the importance and nuances of steak saucing and sides. In many cases, sides are undervalued on a steak. No longer!

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The options are endless for mushroom steak toppings and sides, but the type of mushroom you choose depends on the dish you are making.

Shiitake Mushrooms

Adding shiitake mushrooms to a grilled flank steak will enhance the flavor of the meat by adding a smoky taste that will get stronger as you cook it. These mushrooms should be sautéed and added to the steak after grilling is finished.

Portobello Mushrooms

Often a companion to steak dishes, these mushrooms are typically around six inches across and have a similar flavor to the steak. You’ll only need to buy a few thanks to their size. Top sirloin cuts of steak are most often topped with Portobello mushrooms.

Cremini and Oyster Mushrooms

Cremini mushrooms are basically an immature version of Portobello mushrooms with a similar texture and flavor. If you’re preparing a pepper steak dish, oyster mushrooms boast a peppery flavor that will become less intense after cooking.

Compound Butter

Defined as mixtures of butter and supplementary ingredients, compound butter are used to enhance flavor in various dishes. It’s amazing what plopping a dab of compound butter on your steak can do for your taste buds. Try these recipes: Herb Butter, Garlic Butter, Smoked Butter, Chive Butter, Blue Cheese Butter, and Shallot Butter.

Caramelized Onions

Few things will enhance the flavor of your dish quite like caramelized onions. These sweet and savory morsels only require a few onions, a pat of butter, and a craving for deliciousness! As the onions cook, some of their sugars will transfer to the bottom of the nonstick pan and build up; scrape this up and stir it into the onions to add a richer flavor.

Roasted Garlic

Garlic lovers will appreciate this steak add on! Between garlic butter, pastes, sauces, and marinades your choices are endless. Most start with a basic roasted garlic recipe.

Blue cheese

Try blending together blue cheese and butter until creamy and topping your steaks with it. Top the steak with this mixture about 30 seconds or so before it comes off the grill. That way it will slowly melt as the steak rests.

Pan Sauces

Drizzling a silky reduction on a seared piece of meat will definitely spice things up in your kitchen. When adding liquid, consider using red or white wine or broth if you don’t already have a bottle open. Of course, finish with a lump of butter to mellow all the ingredients together.