There are great outdoor activities and destinations within an easy hour's drive of the famous welcome to Las Vegas sign.

The Winning Hack Vegas Casinos Don’t Want You To Know

Camping in Sin City

You know how to be a big winner in Las Vegas?

Certainly, you’ve heard the answer before – “Stay out of the casinos!”

But you’ll notice we didn’t recommend NOT going to Vegas.

Here’s the big hack…

Go to Las Vegas and use it as the launching pad for fantastic family camping opportunities.

Let’s count the reasons why:

#1 It’s inexpensive to get to Las Vegas.

On the whole, round-trip travel to and from Las Vegas by air is less than any other destination in North America. Find the right deal and your round trip to Vegas might be as little as $100, maybe even less.

#2 It’s inexpensive to stay in Las Vegas.

Why worry about staying at Vegas hotels when you’re going camping? Because how sweet is it to make a camping vacation when you can spend the first night in town getting everything organized (and letting your gear catch up if the airlines screwed up) and the last night in town with a hot shower, a private bathroom, and a king-sized bed?

#3 You can count on the weather … mostly.

The weather is pretty stable here. It is in the Mojave Desert after all. Fall, winter, and spring are pleasant to warm during the day, and nighttime chill makes a good sleeping bag rated down to 30F or even 20F a welcome campmate. However, 80F temps on our November trip, left us pretty sure we would not want to camp here in the summer.

#4 No need to roll the dice. 

The incredible, beautiful and unique opportunities for outdoor activities within easy driving distance of Sin City. 50 Campfires visited more than half a dozen in the week, plus a bunch of take-them-as-they-come roadside attractions that delivered spontaneity and spice galore. We highly recommend Red Rock Canyon, Valley of Fire State Park, and Willow Beach Marina on the Colorado River below Hoover Dam. All of them are just an hour’s drive or less from the Vegas Strip.

#5 No fist full of gas dollars required. 

For those willing to venture a bit farther, Death Valley National Park awaits. This foreboding yet beautiful landscape includes the Mesquite Sand Dunes and Bad Water Basin among it’s many sites to see and experience. Despite its name, Death Valley is full of wildlife if you know when and where to look, and the landscapes – especially at sunrise and sunset – are breathtaking.


Stone stack at entrance to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.