Wigwam Mills Cool Lite Sock Series Overview

Overview: The Wigwam Mills Cool Lite Sock Series have been very successful over the last few years and Wigwam Mills has created some new editions to the line that are ultra-light and in great new colors for 2015. Cool Lites move moisture from the bottom up, keeping your feet very dry and are designed to work in hot, humid, sticky weather.

Wigwam Mills designed the Cool Lites in a no-show that has great color combinations to it, mesh up in the top, deep heel pockets and thin toe seams. They are also doing it in a quarter sock, which has some of the same properties to it. And the last style in this collection is being done in a crew. We love the fact that the Cool Lites come in three different styles to fit exactly what you are doing and any situation where you need a particular sock. Maybe you are going for a run and want the no-shows or the crews for hiking. We love it when companies have a great product, adapt and build off of it to make something even better. Click over to Wigwam Mills website to learn about the rest of their products and don’t forget to be on the lookout for the Cool Lite Socks later in 2015.

Manufacturer: Wigwam Mills
Product Name: Cool Lite Sock Series
MSRP: $10-$13

Wigwam Mills Cool Lite Sock Series


Wigwam Mills Cool Lite Sock Series