watershed ocoee

The Watershed Ocoee Dry Bag Keeps Your Gear Dry

Watershed dry bags have been keeping people’s gear dry for over 20 years now with a unique ziploc type seal. The Watershed bags are not roll down, although you can if you want to save space, instead they lock together with an airtight seal. The Watershed Ocoee is the smallest of the popular duffel style bag and is great to pack lunch and a change of clothing in when you hit the water.

The North Carolina company is known for great quality dry bags and the Watershed Ocoee is no different. The Ocoee comes with rugged carrying handles, many compression straps and is rated down to 100 meters.

The Ocoee opens easily by kinking the seal and popping the ziploc open, you can then easily put in your lunch, few clothes or first aid kit and seal it back up just like you would a ziploc bag. We love that it fits in the storage compartment of a kayak. If you are camping for the weekend and plan on being out on the water for a few hours, it is definitely worth it to keep your belongings safe in a Watershed dry bag.

Price: $93

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