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Waterproof Tuff Truck Bags

Pickup trucks are great for camping, they offer excellent off-roading capabilities, towing capacity, and most importantly, they have tons of cargo space so you can load in everything from tents to kayaks. But when inclement weather comes around, we’ve often been wondering whether that tarp we’ve strapped to the back of our truck is going to hold. If you’re like us, and too often you’ve been left with a soggy sleeping bag from a leaky truck bed, the waterproof Tuff Truck Bag might just be the product for you.

Made from lightweight, waterproof non-breathable PVC material, Tuff Truck Bags feature fused seams, sealed tight against leaks. And while Tuff Truck Bags are flexible enough to use in any full or mid-sized truck bed, they don’t have to take up all of your cargo space, giving you the flexibility to protect important cargo while still leaving room for odd-sized objects you need to bring along. When not in use, Tuff Truck Bags collapse easily into the included roll-up storage bag, giving you a quick coverage option when you need storage, but no bulky bed cover when you don’t. Tuff Truck Bags measure in at 40″ x 50″ x 22″, and provide a full 26 cubic feet of storage.

Manufacturer: Tuff Truck Bag
Product Name: Black Waterproof Tuff Truck Bag
MSRP: $199.95