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Vibram Trek Ascent Overview

Overview: Check out the new Vibram Trek Ascent. For Spring 2015 Vibram tried to get a little bit more of a wide variety of offerings in some of the other categories that they have outside of the running community. So what you’re looking at right here is a new casual hiking shoe that Vibram has, called the Trek Ascent LR and the Trek Ascent. The Trek Ascent LR is made of kangaroo leather, hemp upper. The regular Trek Ascent is just a synthetic material that has some slightly water repellent properties in it.

The soles in these is a brand new sole that Vibram has never used in any of the other Five Finger models before. It’s made of a brand new compound that they just commercialized that’s known as Mega Grip. Which is in essence a sticky rubber. But with most sticky rubbers you tend to lose some of the durability. One thing VIbram is very proud of is that they have created a very durable sticky rubber sole so you don’t lose that durability. It actually lasts very well.

These will be available in the Spring 2015. Head over to Vibram’s website and check them out.

Manufacturer: Vibram
Product Name: Trek Ascent
MSRP: $120
Vibram Trek Ascent

Vibram Trek Ascent

Vibram Trek Ascent

Vibram Trek Ascent


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