Vibram Spyridon MR Overview

Overview: If you did want to do some trail running, you would be looking at the Vibram Spyridon MR. The MR stands for Mud Run. This is going to be Vibram’s flagship, mud runner, obstacle course racer, trail running shoe. You’ll notice in the bottom, the sole looks a little bit different. It does use Mega Grip compound but these lugs here were designed based on a mountain bike tire. So you’ll get 360 degree traction, no matter what direction you’re moving in.

One of the biggest difference between the Trek Ascent and this shoe is this little window called a three cocoon technology that runs the entirety of the sole. So if you are trail running in something like this and you trip on a rock, or stick or something, you’re going to feel it very localized. What this does is it actually disperses the impact pressure throughout the entirety of the sole, so that it takes a little bit of that localized bruising and pain away from you. Vibram is also happy to announce that they are going to be continue their partnership with the Warrior Dash for the 2015 season. And this is going to be the main shoe that they would recommend for anybody that’s interested in getting out there and kind of getting dirty with it. Take a closer look at Vibram’s shoes here.

Manufacturer: Vibram
Product Name: Spyridon MR
MSRP: $120