Vasque Talus Trek Hiking Boot Overview

Overview: Here is the Vasque Talus Trek Hiking Boot. Vasque is making the Talus Trek in both a Mid and Low version. This really allows you to select a shoe to exactly what you are doing and what you will need. For example, the Mid Trek is great for more rugged hikes where you need ample ankle support. The Low Trek is the perfect boot for everyday use and light hiking. The Talus Trek, both the Mid and Low version, look great. You really can wear them anywhere. From a remote trail to the city, this boot really is versatile.

These are the newest addition to the Vasque mid-range hiking products. They have an EVA midsole, very athletic fit and feel on your feet. The shoe utilizes a vebrum outsole, nice sticky rubber outsole with good lug block. This all adds up to excellent traction on the trail. The Talus also features an overall solid leather upper which gives you excellent ankle support for added safety and comfort when you are on the trail. Head over to Vasque’s website and check out the rest of their great boots and shoes.

Manufacturer: Vasque
Product Name: Talus Trek
MSRP: $140-$150

Vasque Talus Trek Hiking Boot


Vasque Talus Trek Hiking Boot