Vasque Sundowner Hiking Boot Overview

Overview: The Vasque Sundowner has been an incredibly popular boot over the year and swas originally launched in 1984. Vasque has a lot of customers looking for that original style. So they went back and redesigned this boot to be very close to the original Italian product. Vasque is using US made leather in three different colors. The Hawthorn, which is a rough out leather, and then the red oak, which is a classic color. It also comes in a black.

A polyurethane midsole with durable rubber outsole makes this a very rugged hiker. The Sundowner has a poured PU foot bed that is very comfortable right away with very little break-in time. It is a one piece leather boot that breaks into your foot very, very nicely after a little bit of wear. It is one of those boots that you’d keep for a lifetime. Vasque was able to pair classic styling with a ultra-rugged, comfortable hiking boot that requires very little, if any, break-in time. Go ahead and check out the res of Vasque’s boots and shoes on their website and make sure to be on the lookout for the Sundowner Hiking Boot in 2015.

Manufacturer: Vasque
Product Name: Sundowner Hiking Boot