Vapium Weekender Edition Review

The luxury of bringing a vaporizer into the outdoors has long been something reserved for either the mega-rich, or the cheap import world. Inconsistent heating and dead batteries don’t exactly make for a relaxing weekend in the woods. Enter the Vapium Weekender kit. Complete with the Vapium Summit vaporizer and Spring solar charger – this complete vaporizer and recharging kit makes for a compact, self-contained solution while outdoors. We recently had the opportunity to test out the Vapium Weekender Edition, which we’re excited to share our review of below.


Vapium Summit Vaporizer

Vapium Summit Vaporizer
The Summit Vaporizer itself is built rugged, but not in a way that feels “industrial”. It’s designed as an extension of yourself, similar to the way that a great piece of electronics is put together. It fits in your hand perfectly, and is enhanced with an attention to detail that is truly second to none. Take for example, the tethered and magnetic lid – nothing worse than losing pieces to your gear, and Vapium has you covered. Something that we loved was the LED and vibration notifications. They completely took the guesswork out of knowing when the unit was ready and how much battery was left . It’s an intuitive unit – and between the low resistance draw and long lasting battery (up to an hour of continuous use!) it’s a prefect piece to pack into your weekend bag. Speaking of packing, the Vapium Weekender Edition comes complete with its own durable dry bag.


Vapium Spring Solar Charger

Vapium Spring Solar Charger
The Vapium Weekender Edition is completed with the addition of the Spring Solar Charger. This 5000 mAh battery boasts dual 5W USB power ports, and even sports its very own flashlight. Charging couldn’t be easier, the Spring powers up with either 8 hours in the direct sun, or by simply plugging into a wall outlet using the misco USB cable.

We put the Vapium Weekender Edition to work over the course of a long weekend, and to say that it performed is an understatement. By the end of the weekend everyone at the campsite was asking where they could pick up their own, and it had far outperformed their expectations.

Overall an awesome vape. Highly recommended!

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