UTOPiAfest VII, Texas

This September from the 4-6th in the wonderful small town of Utopia, Texas holds one of the most unique music festivals of the year. With mind-blowing musical performances and countryside sunsets on the 1,000-acre Four Sisters Ranch, UTOPiAfest VII is one you don’t want to miss. It’s an intimate festival with only two performance stages and a max of 2,000 tickets to sell. There are no overlapping sets, so you won’t have to worry about missing any of your favorite artists! You will have plenty of room to dance, sleep and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere this festival has to offer. Take a minute to meet Travis Sutherland from UTOPiAfest and see what he has to say about why this festival is so great!

UTOPiAfest Stage

Photo Credit: UTOPiAfest.com

50 Campfires: What makes this fest so special?

Travis Sutherland: UTOPiAfest is a combination of the best aspects of other festivals, such as incredible performances, an awe-inspiring setting, fun activities and workshops, and inspiring art in a community setting. It’s capped at 2000 tickets, which makes it incredibly unique and intimate. We’ve thoughtfully removed as many negative qualities as possible, like long lines, fences, overlapping sets, expensiveness, and overbearing security.

50 Campfires: When planning for the fest, how would someone go about getting the free parking and camping that is advertised on your site?

Travis Sutherland: Just buy a ticket! You just show up, park, and shuttle to the campgrounds. Once you have ticket, you don’t have to buy anything else from us if you choose. You can even bring your own beverages and food.

50 Campfires: What would you consider the genre of music that most often plays at UTOPiAfest?

Travis Sutherland: We try to curate a lineup as diverse as possible, and never want to get pigeonholed into a genre. There’s funk, soul, folk, country, electronic, bluegrass, and everything in between. The overarching theme is positive, high energy bands with amazing musicians.

50 Campfires: Why is it important to keep noise to minimum after 2 am? Are many of the campers at UTOPiAfest family oriented?

Travis Sutherland: That is a big part of it, but we also encourage moderation and sleeping, and we want people to have the opportunity to sleep peacefully. However, we do have silent disco till the early morning, as well as special acoustic performances on a hillside.

50 Campfires: What are the main amenities offered for the campers?

Travis Sutherland: We have free water and showers under the stars, but camping is primitive.

50 Campfires: What are the options for activities and food on-site?

Travis Sutherland: We have an amazing disc golf course, hiking, biking, yoga, and all kinds of workshops. There will be a variety of food options, including the Guinness record holder for biggest pizza.

People of UTOPiAfest

Photo Credit: UTOPiAfest.com

50 Campfires: UTOPiAfest is unique in the fact that it has no overlapping music sets, can you explain the importance of this?

Travis Sutherland: Two common complaints at a lot of festivals are hard choices between bands, and noise bleed.

50 Campfires: If someone were to take away a few things from attending UTOPiAfest, what would be the most important?

Travis Sutherland: Lots of love and new friends. I’ve been overwhelmed by so many people saying it’s their favorite weekend of the year, or their life!


Check out this awesome video that showcases UTOPiAfest’s personality!