UST Brands Para FS Knives Overview

Overview: Here are the UST Brands Para FS Knives. The 3.0 version features a three inch with a three millimeter thick blade, very sturdy, very tough, very sharp right out of the bag. Each Para FS tool is wrapped in emergency paracord. UST also has a four inch version of the Para knife. They also have the Paracuda, which features a saw blade on the back, machete edge on the front.

And all of UST’s Para cutting tools come with emergency paracord on the end. These are just updated and all of their Para FS tools come with a new fire starter. UST is going to use this in conjunction with their Wet Fire. The Para Hatchet is also very cool because the sheath that comes with it, you can attach the sheath and there are actually hex wrenches you can use, if you have any hard work you need to do, without cutting yourself. Make sure to check out UST’s website to get a better look at the UST Brands Para FS Knives and all their great products.

Manufacturer: UST Brands
Product Name: Para FS Knives

UST Brands Para FS Knives


UST Brands Para FS Knives