Use Bungee Cord For Your Dog Zip Line

Some campgrounds require dogs to be leashed. In a new environment like that there is even more to explore than at home, so they can be running every which way at once. That’s why we like the dog zip line that Reddit user Vertigoelation made with bungee cord. It’s pretty straight forward. You just tie a rope between two trees and then attach 1/4″ bungee cord to the rope with rings. A ratchet-style strap would allow you to get the rope even tighter, to allow for easier movement of the rings.

This way, when Fido loses his mind and goes after a squirrel, he’ll get a much softer reminder of his boundaries.

dog zip line

Dog zipline made with bungee cords

dog zip line

Hook it around a tree

dog zip line

Your dogs will have the freedom to roam without wandering too far away.