All the the categories are laid out.

The Trip Tarp Is A Clever Way To Pack Your Gear

“OMG I think I forgot the stove…”


Long enough for a hammock.

I’ve been there. I’m halfway to the campground and it dons on me that I forgot a crucial piece of gear. Checklists are great, but if you’re a visual learner like me, you too will probably think that the Trip Tarp is a great idea.

The idea of a “packing tarp” is new to me, but makes perfect sense. I could lay the Trip Tarp out in my basement and proceed to dig through plastic bins marked “camping” to start planning what I need for the weekend. Honestly, I can already feel how satisfying it would be to have all of the categories full of my favorite gear. I think it’s a pretty cool way to get organized for a trip, and you can nab one for $55 on their Kickstarter page.


Made from silnylon and weighs 8.6 oz.