Treadbands Stay Put In Any Outdoor Activity

Treadbands take care of a common problem that we’ve all struggled with. You’re on a long hike on a hot summer day and you’re sweaty. Your regular headband is just ok because you have to keep retying it. It doesn’t want to stay in place but hey, it’s all you have so you just deal with it.

Treadband headbands have a “tread grip strip” that stops them from moving around. It’s inspired by the design of tires, so it maintains it’s grip while channeling water away from your forehead. The headband itself is made from a moisture-wicking polyester/spandex blend.

They have more colors and patterns than we could count, so you’re sure to find one you love. They’re easy to wash, easy do dry, and they’re only $18 each. It’s the upgrade your sweaty forehead deserves.