Timbuk2 Sunset Backpack Overview

Overview: This is the Timbuk2 Sunset Backpack. The Sunset collection is a new collection for Timbuk2 that they are launching this year and will be available for the back to school period in 2015. What these bags are really all about is that casual weekend use. So if you’re going out with your friends, you’re going to the farmer’s market, you’re riding your bike through town, and going to the park, going to the beach, you want something that is functional but also sort of stylish and feels good. So the Sunset collection are all new fabrics. They’re a combinations of canvases, nylons, some coated and waxed, some just plush and soft.

The Sunset backpack has really nice soft backpack straps with cotton webbing. All of the handles and touch points have genuine leather details, so it feels really good in the hand. Lots of pockets all around and they’re magnetic closures. So it’s really easy to keep the pockets closed if you have your phone, or your sunglasses, or whatever in there. A nice zip pocket across the front here. And you’ll notice the liner is a cool striped pattern. It’s also really soft. You can’t feel it but it’s almost like a peachy finish. Timbuk2 designed many great features into this bag and small details like the corners sort of fold in on themselves. So when you close the bag water doesn’t just soak in there. These are really for that weekend use, for hanging out in town with your friends, but they do have some of that technical DNA from the rest of Timbuk2’s line. It will be available on Timbuk2.com and specialty retailers later this year.

Manufacturer: Timbuk2
Product Name: Sunset Backpack
MSRP: $109

Timbuk2 Sunset Backpack


Timbuk2 Sunset Backpack