Timbuk2 Bici Messenger Overview

Overview: This is the new Timbuk2 Bici Messenger and it will be available in Fall 2015.The Bici Messenger is part of our new collection that Timbuk2 is launching this year into their product offerings. What they wanted to do with this collection is fuse city style and feel with some of the function that they have learned from years of making great bike products. So bike messenger bags and packs for people riding in the city, along with sort of that everyday style that you can wear to the office or wear around town. The fabrics on these look really sort of premium and lush, they’re actually all based in Cordura, so they’re really strong, burly fabrics that have a nice feel to them.

Still water repellent and everything that you get from a normal Cordura messenger bag, they have much more city appropriate look. Genuine leather details on all the bags. And on this one, the Bici in particular, there’s a really cool feature, which are these magnetic buckles. So with one hand I can easily undo or do the buckles. Which is a pretty unique feature. The other thing that’s really different with this bag is it has a trampoline suspension. Because if you’re riding your bike through town, especially in the summer, you can get a lot of heat built up. This lets that heat escape through the sides. So you won’t get all sweaty when you get to work in the summer with your messenger bag on.

Some other nice details are, when you have the bag on and riding your bike, and it’s in a nice and up high, in a good position, if I want to get it off quickly, there’s sort of a quick release buckle, where you can lift it up and off over your head easily. Another thing that this bag has that’s really cool is on the inside, when you open it up, both the front and the back seam fold over, so it gives you good water tight closure. Sometimes when you have that it makes a really deep bag to reach into. So what Timbuk2 has done to combat that is you can actually unsnap the whole front of the bag and get at all the organization easily. So all the pocketing on the inside is really easy to get into, and then it’s actually a magnetic closure, so it wants to close itself right back up. There are a few different bags in this collection. This is the Bici Messenger, which is sort of the hero of the collection. And that is available on Timbuk2.com later this year.

Manufacturer: Timbuk2
Product Name: Bici Messenger

Timbuk2 Bici Messenger


Timbuk2 Bici Messenger