Ticla Teahouse Tent

Ticla Teahouse Tent – Camp Better

The Ticla Teahouse Tent is the new kid on the block. Ticla is new to the camping market – but backed by a pile of industry experience. Their philosophy is simple – to help people enjoy the outdoors. All of their products are well designed, and pleasing to the eye. It doesn’t stop there. Their tents are designed to enhance your outdoor experience. Enter the Ticla Teahouse Tent.

With their Teahouse series of tents, they pose the question: “Why travel to a beautiful landscape and then pitch a tent out of which you can’t see a thing?” The Ticla Teahouse solves this riddle, by providing both views and ventilation – even in the rain. This isn’t just a pretty face – the Teahouse is built tough…tough enough for kids and pets, and provides enough room for everyone to have their own space.

They’ll be available in the Spring of 2014 in both a 2 or 3 person model. For more information, visit their website.