lost in the woods

This One Tip Could Save Your Life If You’re Lost In The Woods

Being lost in the woods is a terrifying feeling.

There is no shortage of survival advice about what you should do in this scenario. You should stay put, build a shelter, conserve your energy, and stay calm. These are all things that you should learn how to do because they’re important. This tip is concerns the people who are looking for you, and is an easy way for them to find out exactly where you are.

These days most of us camp with our phones. They’re more computers that you can talk on than phones, which is why we like to bring them. They can take high quality photographs and video, store animal and and plant identification apps, and so much more. There’s one other thing that most of them do that could save your life: geolocation from a laptop (or another phone).

Here’s the tip: make sure that someone you trust has your login information to access the “Find My Phone” feature. Both Apple and Android phones have this feature. It’s ok if you’re lost where there is no cellular signal. Even in remote areas, you phone will often be in and out of service, so they may be able to locate you. This obviously assumes that your phone isn’t dead, but once again, most of us carry an external battery to keep our phones charged so we can keep snapping pictures. If you get lost in the woods you need all the help you can get, and this is another precaution you should take.

Bonus Tip: Make sure you download the entire area you’ll be in with Google Maps before you leave the house. It’s free, and you’ll be able to locate yourself with zero cell reception. Drop a marker at the trailhead before you head out and you’ll virtually eliminate the chance of spending a night lost in the woods.