ThermalTech Announces World’s First Solar Powered Smart Fabric

Stay perfectly warm in cold temperatures without looking like a giant, walking marshmallow? We’re so in! ThermalTech is harnessing the power of the sun and artificial light to warm our bodies without the need for all the bulky insulation. ThermalTech has just introduced its patented solar powered smart fabric, which is water repellent and made from stainless steel yarn.



ThermalTech’s newest technology takes a more proactive approach to accomplishing warmth. The fabric is lightweight and gathers energy from the sun or artificial light source to keep your body warm even after the sun has already set. Most coats and jackets are typically designed to recycle your body heat and then slowly warm you up, however, this fabric soaks up energy from indoor and outdoor light sources to bring warmth to you quickly. In only two minutes the fabric will generate up to 10°C/18°F of heat gathered from the light.

Traditional outerwear apparel, meant to really fight off freezing temperatures, often makes you compromise, having to choose between staying warm and looking like an over insulated snowman. ThermalTech fabric allows for a much lighter and fashionable look, giving you the ability to look and feel good even when it’s cold outside.

This fabric will first be used in a jacket available in three different styles for men and women that work great in a variety of outdoor activities. The “Street” category is fashion focused, offered in dark blue and green; “Explorer” is designed specifically for casual, everyday use and comes in light blue and red, and “Extreme” is meant for outdoor sports, which comes in black or gray.

“We believe that by introducing this solar-absorbing fabric into the apparel marketplace, the next generation of outerwear will provide the consumer with even more of an optimal temperature & fit,” said Carlos Cortes, CEO of ThermalTech. “This will allow everyone from the snowboarder to the fashionista to be warmer in colder climates.”



ThermalTech has covered all their bases, being able to provide warmth to people in any outdoor setting or situation, whether they’re snowboarding, hiking, or even just commuting to work when the temperatures drop. Now we can all say goodbye to two to three pounds of weight and bulkiness without compromising on warmth.

“We are very excited to bring this technology to market,” said Fatima Rocha, Co-funder of ThermalTech. “Our goal is to help people stay warm in any environment without having to sacrifice fashion and comfort.”

You can visit ThermalTech’s website here to learn more about the world’s first solar powered smart fabric and learn how to receive 50% off early bird special pricing with a chance to win a free ThermalTech Jacket.