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The Ultimate Beerita Recipe To Liven Up Your Campsite

The Beerita Recipe Is Everywhere These Days…

I’ve had several variations of the “Beerita” over the past few years. They are usually too sugary and to “beery” for my liking. When I drink margaritas I like them to be authentic, which means that they’re mostly lime and tequila with a little Cointreau mixed in. And they’re cold. Really cold. I’ve made a couple tweaks over the years and, well, it’s pretty much perfect now. Every person that’s tasted it has the same reaction. “Oh….OH….wow. That’s good. That’s really good.”


ultimate beerita

The Ultimate Beerita

You’re going to need a big container for this recipe. I recommend a water cooler with a spigot on it. It makes a fair amount, but more importantly you’ll be able to hold a whole 5 lb bag of ice. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Beverage Cooler with a spigot

  • A bottle of good 100% agave tequila. (Cuervo 1800 or higher quality).

  • 8 light beers. I use Michelob Golden Light

  • 2 cans of Minute Maid Limeade Concentrate (it’s easier if you throw these in the fridge the day before).

  • Juice from 2-4 limes (sample and decide how much you want).

  • 5lb bag of ice

  • 8 oz. Dixie Cups.

Serves 12ish people


Here’s the hard part – mix all of this together and serve in 8 oz cups. You might be thinking, “Really? A whole bottle of tequila?” Yes, a whole bottle. When that mixes with all the limey goodness in there you’ll be thanking me. Plus, the ice will dilute it considerably. A jug of this is guaranteed to lively up your campsite, but be respectful and responsible. Remember that you’re not the only people there. Unless of course, you are the only one people there. Then by all means, cut loose!