skivvy roll

The Skivvy Roll Has Everything You Need For One Night

Sometimes you just want to travel light.

Maybe you’re camping for one night. Maybe you’re going to a bonfire on the beach with a sleeping bag. You might just be crashing at a friends house. Point being – you don’t need a big bag of stuff.

The skivvy roll is a quick and easy way to turn your essentials into a ball that you can throw in your back seat.

Ready to pack in ten seconds?

Put your underwear on top and fold the shirt in. Lay the socks on and start to roll from the top down. What’s cool is that you can add a few essentials easily. Roll up your toothbrush and contact case too if you want. When you get to the bottom fold the socks over the ends and you’re outta there! Skivvy roll FTW.

skivvy roll

The Skivvy Roll