The Road to Bozeman: Days 5-7


The Beautiful Montana Landscape


The Road to Bozeman: Days 5-7

So far we have covered the Pittsburgh boys’ whole journey all they way to Montana and now that they finally made it to their final destination of the Road to Bozeman, they get to relax and have some fun with their friends.

The house that they are staying in looks to be in a beautiful location. It’s in a giant valley with some amazing scenery. During their final four days in Bozeman, they guys did a lot of hiking, exploring, ATV’ing, and swimming. The guys even got to be in a magazine photo shoot for the city of Bozeman! They went to the town a couple of times to pick up some groceries, eat, and just explore the town and talk to some locals.

There isn’t a whole lot of footage of what they do, but we don’t blame them. We would want to get away from the cameras as well and just enjoy the rest of the days they have left of their adventure! We hope they had a great time and we can’t wait for the Final Video to find out about their experiences they have endured and what they gotten out of this awesome opportunity that they had!