The Road to Bozeman: Day 4.5

Old Faithful

Old Faithful

Our last video of The Road to Bozeman series ended with the guys on their way to Old Faithful. During this video, we see see their experience at the old geyser. All the boys seemed to have an interest in this beautiful geyser, saying they liked it better than Mount Rushmore. If you need a little lesson on the Old Faithful geyser; it is an old cone geyser and is famous for being very predictable, erupting approximately every 91 minutes on the dot. It shoots boiling water up to 185 feet into the air. If you’ve never seen this wonder, it’s a pretty spectacular sight to see.

After seeing Old Faithful shoot it’s boiling water, the guys decided it would be a good idea to gather and chop some dead wood (since it is free at the park) before heading out of Yellowstone. Once gain, the Zippo Outdoor 4-in-1 Woodsman came in handy. They planned on having a fire when they got to Bozeman later that night so this is the perfect opportunity to gather it.

After chopping enough wood, the guys packed up and started the final step on The Road to Bozeman. As they departed, stomachs started to rumble and a quick stop at Burger King was just what they needed. After arriving at their friend Tommy’s house in Bozeman at 12:30 a.m., the guys immediately went to bed to get some needed rest. The campfire will have to wait until the next night.