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The Outdoor Report | Week of May 18

Greetings campers! At 50 Campfires we’re often chatting about the latest headlines in the outdoors because that’s where we spend most of our time. From national park news to new gear to the latest survival story; they’re stories that have always interested us. Moving forward, we’ll be sharing the stories that interested us each week. If you come across a story you’d like us to include, please drop us a line!

Tent camping opens up June 9th in Oregon

State parks in Oregon are going to start allowing tent camping in most areas. Campers are expected to follow strict guidelines for sanitation and social distancing, as services will be limited. This is mostly because Oregon state parks are funded by revenue from park visitors, a small share of the Oregon Lottery, and a portion of state recreational vehicle registrations, as opposed to taxpayer dollars.

With a skeleton crew and limited means to hire more, there will be far fewer staff available to help visitors and address common problems such as noise and pets. Trash, landscaping, and cleaning services will all be reduced. Interpretive activities and ranger programs will be few and far between, if at all. Restrooms are expected to be available at each open park, but some shower facilities may be closed. Service, and whether a park is open or not, is subject to change depending on health conditions around the park, available staff, protective equipment, and cleaning supplies.

Read the article at https://kval.com/news/local/some-oregon-state-parks-to-reopen-for-camping-june-9

Minnesota opens up camping but…sorry car campers

Camping is allowed starting June 1st in Minnesota, but it’s pretty much just for backpackers. Campgrounds will still be closed (boo), and you’ll need to be a mile away from a campground on state forest land. If you’ve been wanted to try a rugged overnighter, this is your chance!

“If you are a hearty wilderness camper, you are absolutely welcome to go out into a state forest, one mile away from a developed campground, and do dispersed camping,” said Kim Pleticha, a spokesperson from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. As she noted, this is wilderness camping at its most basic. No campsites, you bury your own human waste, you dig your own fire ring, etc.

Read the full article here https://www.twincities.com/2020/05/20/camping-is-back-for-memorial-day-weekend-unless-you-mean-campground-camping/

Woman visits Yellowstone upon reopening and…gets attacked by a buffalo

We thought that the quarantine might give people time to wise up and become more cautious in general. NOPE. People visiting Yellowstone still think that buffaloes are big cuddly things that can’t wait to be Instagram stars. You know the phrase “wild animals?” Yeah, there’s a reason for the first part of that phrase.

The incident happened in the Old Faithful Upper Geyser Basin where the woman got too close to the animal, National Park officials said.

The National Park Service said in a statement that the visitor was “knocked to the ground and injured by the bison.” The extent of her injuries are unknown, and the visitor refused medical transport.

Read the full article here https://www.click2houston.com/news/2020/05/21/a-yellowstone-national-park-visitor-was-attacked-by-a-bison-shortly-after-the-parks-reopening/

One-tank day trips and RVs to be most popular this summer

CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg says that Americans will still be hitting the road this summer, but there is a new normal in place. RVs provide a safe, contained space for families, and purchases have already started to rise. Those without RVs will likely take more one-tank day trips and overnighters that minimize contact with businesses due to the shorter length.

“Families will want to travel together, and an RV gives them the opportunity to be in their own self-contained quarantine-mobile, if you will, to rediscover their own country.”

“Camping is going to be big, whether at the national or state park level. A lot of state parks will be rediscovered because the national parks are going to be full. You can count on that,” Greenberg said.

Read the full article here https://wtop.com/coronavirus/2020/05/travel-in-the-new-normal-rvs-camping-one-tank-trips-will-become-popular-expert-says/