lightspeed bahia quick draw

The LightSpeed Bahia Quick Draw Shelter Gets You Out Of The Sun

LightSpeed tents has done it again. They have made a shelter that is super fast to set up, blocks the wind and is in a convenient size. The LightSpeed Bahia Quick Draw shelter has a single string that you pull from the top of the shelter that sets it up and takes it down. It can easily fit two people on lounger chairs and is perfect for a shady spot at the campsite or while sitting on the beach.

Like other LightSpeed tents and shelters the Bahia quick draw is covered with UPF50 coating to help block wind. The side walls have three screen panels if you do want the breeze to come through. The new Bahia has an extended front awning that provides significantly more shade than conventional shelters or beach umbrellas.

Price: $64.99

See the LightSpeed Bahia Quick Draw in action