The Heroclip Is A Simple Gadget The Just Makes Things Easier

I was at a trade show a few years ago when I stopped by a booth and saw a goofy carabiner called the Heroclip. I started playing around with it and I immediately wanted one. Why? Because it just made sense. There are a lot of times when I want to hang something up where I’m not able to actually clip the carabiner all the way around the branch or whatever it is. They gave me one to take with me and I have to say that I’ve used it on every camping trip I’ve been on. It’s just such a practical little gadget. The hook has a grippy rubber tip so you can even hang it from tables and the Heroclip stays put.

I used the Heroclip to hang a gravity water filter on a 3-day canoe trip.

Now, I’ve only used it in the outdoors, but in their Indigogo video, you can see that people are using in all sorts of ways in the city. This makes sense to me because anytime you want to hang anything, the Heroclip can probably do it.


Pick one up on their Indigogo page.