eno launch pad

The eno Launch Pad Is The Best Picnic Blanket Ever

The eno Launch Pad is one of those products that is great for a lot of different activities. It’s basically the best picnic blanket ever. It’s a blanket with a fleece top and polyurethane coated nylon bottom. So you have a super soft top with a waterproof bottom. This is great for camping – especially with small children so they can crawl and play on a soft comfortable surface. It doesn’t matter if the ground is wet or dry.

The LaunchPad comes in a single and a double size. The single is 5’10” x 3′ and the double is 5’10” x 4’10”. The variation in size makes it a versatile product so you can have one for a backpacking trip and the larger for family trips. Both are light weight and very packable.