The Easy Way To Carry and Organize Condiments

Having all your meals in a cooler for a weekend can be a challenge. Digging around to find condiments or food is a hassle and can be water logged. Plus after you’ve gone bobbing for condiments you still need to get them to the table. We have a quick tip on how to carry and organize condiments. Just trying to make your life a little easier.

easy condiment holder

easy condiment holder

If you’re campsite looks anything like ours the picnic table is always full of gear and other crap, it’s a disaster. Plus we are the type of people that enjoy having our cooler closer to where are sitting around the fire – you know, for easy access to the adult beverages. So we need a way to easily get condiments and we’ve found it’s really easy to just use an empty six pack and throw the condiments you need from the cooler in it. You can then haul it to the picnic table and have a way to organize condiments during the meal.


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