The COAST FL78R Headlamp Has A Feature We’ve Never Seen Before

The COAST FL78R Rechargeable Headlamp will make everyone green with envy.

On our Florida Field Trip we had a chance to try out a completely new type of headlamp. That new feature that we ended up liking so much? Green light. That’s right. The FL78R has both a red and green light, in addition to the main spot. We’re all familiar with red light on a headlamp. It’s great for not blinding your friends at the picnic table when you need to find something. It also preserves your night vision. So what is green for?

Turns out that it’s good for quite a few things. For starters, it’s easier to see green from a distance. It also allows you to distinguish features better than red light. This benefit was apparent immediately. Red is great for keeping a low profile at the campsite, but the person’s face just turns into a red blur of light. We found that green is unobtrusive, while still allowing you to clearly see facial features. Because it shows detail better it’s also great for night time map reading. And the great thing about the COAST FL78R is that it has both, so if you still prefer red for some night time activities you can use it. We ended up using green far more though, which surprised us. We honestly didn’t think that it would make much of a difference. It does. If you’re in the market for an extremely versatile headlamp you won’t be disappointed with the new COAST FL78R.

NOTE:  The COAST FL78R is now available on the COAST website! – June 1, 2018