The Burger Master Burger Press Makes Eight Burgers Faster Than You Can Light The Grill

An Innovative Burger Press

Hamburgers at the campsite are one of the best things in the world. Now, it’s not hard to make hamburgers with your hands, but if there is an easier way, then why not try it? The Burger Master 8-in-1 Burger Press allows you to buy a couple pounds of ground beef and crank out eight burgers in no time. That’s not our favorite thing about it though; we love the idea of pressing them at home, tossing the whole thing in a large freezer bag and throwing it in the cooler. Think about how easy it will be once that grill gets fired up! You could even freeze them, throw them in a ziplock and have them on day two or three of your camping trip – the frozen burgers can even help keep everything else in your cooler cold.

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burger press

The Burger Press