The BottleKeeper Prevents Broken Glass At The Campsite

I grew up camping in Northern Minnesota, where the campsites were scattered with exposed rock. While it made for a very scenic weekend, it also meant that we had a “no bottles” rule. People are barefoot all weekend, and even one piece of broken glass can make for a very dangerous campsite. With the explosion of bottled craft beer in recents years, you can bet that people will be stumbling around the campsite with bottles, and that some of them will break.

BottleKeeper came up with a clever way to avoid those broken bottles. BottleKeeper took a stainless steel bottle and turned the bottom into a screw-off cap, allowing you to slide the stainless steel case over your prized brew to keep it safe. BottleKeeper is also lined with neoprene, so it stays cold and quiet. There is of course, also the added stealth benefit of being able to drink an incognito beverage, not that we would know anything about that.

There isn’t really anything I don’t like about the BottleKeeper. I’ll mostly likely lose it before it fails. The stainless steel will get roughed up over the course of the summer, and that’s great. A few battle scars will make it look even better.


Thick neoprene in the bottom cap for shock absorption.


Neoprene liner keeps beer cold and quiet.


The BottleKeeper