Map Of The 38 Best Sledding Hills in Minneapolis

The Sledding Hills in Minneapolis are amazing!

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We did it. We created the biggest, baddest map ever of sledding hills in Minneapolis. There isn’t a Midwesterner alive who didn’t grow up sledding every chance they could. If you’re like us, you still love it, and are always on the lookout for a new hill. That’s why we put this map together. Sure your neighborhood sledding hill is great, but what else is out there? What if there’s another one that will absolutely blow your mind? Well guess what? There is! Our recommendation is to try them all until you find your absolute favorites! We think you’ll agree the sledding hills in Minneapolis are some of the best in the state. Above all, stay safe and make sure you can spot the signs when someone has been out in the cold too long.

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sledding hills in Minneapolis

We challenge you to ride them all!