TerraLUX Tactical Flashlights

TerraLUX Tactical Flashlights

The new TerraLUX tactical flashlights are precision-engineered illumination tools. The tactical line was developed for self-defense and tactical applications. This line of flashlights was built to handle the most rugged situations with extreme reliability and was made to be water resistant. The TT-5 and TT-4 flashlights mount right on to most tactical guns and provide professional features for those that need it most. The TT-2 and TT-3 are for personal carry but have the same great features of the mountable lights. These tactical flashlights have been put through rigorous lab tests and have also been Law Enforcement tested and approved.

From the manufacturer, our LED flashlights and work lights are perfect for users demanding:

  • High brightness
  • Small form factor
  • Rugged, durable construction
  • High fidelity color rendering (high CRI)
  • Competitive pricing


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