terralux headlamp

The TerraLUX Headlamp Kicks Out 540 Lumens To Light Your Way

TerraLUX has just released its very first line of headlamps. The TerraLUX headlamp looks as if it was built to outperform competitors with a design that is at the next level. The headlamps are ultra light and are in a durable aluminum housing with an incredible light output. The headlamps are made to not flop around on your head and come equipped with 4 settings, high, medium, low and quick flash mode. The overall construction on these headlamps is excellent and they are built to last.

From the manufacturer, our LED flashlights and work lights are perfect for users demanding:

    • High brightness
    • Small form factor
    • Rugged, durable construction
    • High fidelity color rendering (high CRI)
    • Competitive pricing