Tentsile Treehouse Tent Overview

Overview: Tentsile makes portable treehouses in the UK. This is the connect model, a two person model. You can hang a hammock underneath to make it a three person model. It comes in five different color fly sheets, which go on and clip on each of the corners. They can also be pegged out to give you, on this model, 120 square feet of covered space. And on the big model, the Stingray, 160 square feet of covered space. It comes with three ratchets and straps. Each strap is 20 feet long. And everything in the tent and the ratchet straps is rated to 2.5 tons. The tent itself can hold a dynamic load of 880 pounds, which is plenty. The Connect model has four doors, four entry points. So you can open it all up so it’s a lounging platform, you can jump in and out from every side. You can also close it all down, so when your fly sheet is on it can either be pegged out giving you a big surface area, or the fly sheet can actually clip to itself underneath the tent giving you full weather protection.

Simple to put up, about ten minutes to put up and two minutes to take down. It’s got pockets on each side, two pockets inside. And if you come across a campsite where you don’t have any trees, it can be set up on the ground as a normal tent. But obviously for the comfort and versatility, you want to be off the ground. You’ve got a multi-story camping solution, with covered space underneath and bedroom up above. The whole Connect system fits into single bag, and the Stingray fits into the same size bag. Fifteen pounds, the big one’s nineteen pounds. Half that weight is the ratchet straps, but you need these to get the 1 ½ tons of tension to pull the thing apart, so you’ve got a nice comfortable night’s sleep. This thing is as tight as a drumskin too, like sleeping on a trampoline. To check out this awesome treehouse tent, make sure to head over to Tentsile’s website.

Manufacturer: Tentsile
Product Name: Treehouse Tent
MSRP: $495

Tentsile Treehouse Tent


Tentsile Treehouse Tent