The Tenba BYOB Cooler Insert Is Perfect For Afternoon Adventures

There are times when you don’t need the biggest, longest lasting, rotomolded cooler ever made. Sometimes you’re just headed over to a friend’s house for a BBQ, or to the beach for a few hours. We’ve been toting around the Tenba BYOB Cooler Insert for shorter outings like this and it’s perfect. It holds either 6 bottles or 12 cans and has a stainless steel bottle opener attached to the side. Another cool feature? There’s a little pocket for your bottle caps, making it easier to practice LNC (we know you do that all the time anyways…).

The Tenba BYOB Cooler Insert also has a divider that is great for a six-pack of bottles because it keeps them from clanging around. The seams are heat-sealed, making it the perfect companion inside of a larger bag. Everything will stay nice and dry, making it one less thing to worry about. Lastly, there is a handy little pocket inside the lid that we found to be perfect for limes. If you’re looking for a minimalist grab-and-go cooler, the Tenba BYOB Cooler Insert is a solid choice.