TecNu Calagel Overview

Overview: TecNu Calagel is an antihistamine that helps with swelling if you have a rash or maybe a sunburn, bug bites, all those different things where you might need something to relieve the itch and also reduce the swelling. Calagel is the product for you. It’s clear, so it’s not pink and runny like calamine is. It’s a clear gel that has cooling menthol in it, so as soon as you put it on you’re going to feel the relief right away.

TecNu Calagel is a really great item to have if you’re camping or hiking or whatever, and you get into maybe poison oak or ivy, or if you get a sunburn or a bug bite, this is going to help with all of that stuff. This is available at Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Dollar General, CVS, Rite-Aid, all the grocery stores, BuyMart, Meijer, FredMeijer, anywhere you need to look you’ll find this product. The other thing is you can also find information on Calagel on their website, which is TecLabs.com.

Manufacturer: TecNu
Product Name: Calagel

TecNu Calagel


TecNu Calagel