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task labs my task

Task Labs myTask Line Overview

Overview: What do you get when you take an engineer, a broken mountain bike and a forgotten toolkit? Well, you get the start of a new company, Task Labs. Task labs specializes in making tool kits for different functional needs that doubles as your iPhone case. Built from aircraft-aluminum and polycarbonate, users can be confident that their iPhone will be protected from any falls and scratches.

What Makes It Unique: The Task Labs myTask line is unique with a bike and urban case for your smartphone. The myTask BIKE is a lightweight, slim and convenient bike tool and patch kit built right into your smartphone case. Incorporating 22 hardened steel bike-specific repair tools plus a 4 piece tube patch kit. Weighing only 80g and attached to your phone, be prepared should an emergency arise while riding a bike around the city, to the park or en route to work. The removable tray can easily swap out with other trays like The URBAN tray. The URBAN tray contains accessories such as an 8gb USB stick, mirror, tweezers, bottle opener, 2” scissors, pen, and a mini-LED light.

Manufacturer: Task Lab
Product Name: myTask Bike
MSRP: $49.95

task labs mytask

Task Labs myTask Line

task labs my task

Task Labs myTask Line


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