Take It Easy Campground Maryland

Take It Easy Campground Maryland

Take It Easy Campground Maryland

Camp Maryland: I’m talking with Cecilia Barns this morning from Take It Easy Campground in Maryland. She is one of the owners. How are you doing this morning?

Cecilia Barns: Fine, thank you.

CM: So, let’s just start with how long Take It Easy Campground has been there and how it got started.

Cecilia Barns: Well, the owners are actually Ryan and Anne Lumpkins.

CM: Oh, they are, okay.

Cecilia Barns: And Ian’s father owned it originally.

CM: Oh, okay.

Cecilia Barns: But I’m not sure of the history of the campground. I do know they used to have bluegrass concerts here at one time. I think quite a few famous people. There’s still a pavilion here.

CM: Okay.

Cecilia Barns: We don’t have concerts anymore, but you know, we still have a pavilion.

CM: Sure. And what are the most popular activities for the guests there?

Take It Easy Campground

Take It Easy Campground

Cecilia Barns: Well, in the summertime, we have a real nice swimming pool. There’s places where you can walk. There’s a stock fishing lake and a pond – a stock pond. The punch has little there and it’s just a very peaceful setting.

CM: Nice. Now, if I was going to stay there for the weekend and wanted to head out for an afternoon, what are some other attractions in the area that I might check out?

Cecilia Barns: Well, we just revised our website and there’s lots of things on the website, at TakeItEasyCampground.com. But we have nearby antique stores. There’s cruises you can take. There’s a cruise you can take from Point Lookout to Smith Island, which (Unclear 1:39.2) never there, it’s really nice. It’s the (Unclear 1:41.9) there and it’s kind of interesting. There’s some historical sites, like St. Mary’s City. It was the capital of Maryland. The original capital of Maryland. There’s a lighthouse nearby. Piney Point Lighthouse. There’s some museums. We have the Calvert Marine Museum, the Patuxent River Naval Air Station, and St. Clements Island has a museum. Then we have some really nice Parks.

Take It Easy Campground

Take It Easy Campground

CM: All right, it sounds like there’s quite a bit to do in that area. Just two more questions for you, Cecilia. If you could spend just one hour at Take It Easy Campground, how would you spend your time?

Cecilia Barns: Wow. Well, I guess it probably would depend on the time of the year, and maybe have a picnic.

CM: All right. And if you could spend just one night at Take It Easy Campground, which particular campsite would you choose and why?

Cecilia Barns: Well, all the lots are pretty spacious as far as campsites go, and it just depends on the time of the year. If it was in the summer, you might want a nice shade tree. In the winter, maybe not.

CM: Okay. All right, well, it sounds like you guys offer quite a bit and it sounds like the area also offers a pretty wide variety of activities there. Thank you so much, Cecilia, for taking some time out of your morning to talk to us about Take It Easy Campground in Maryland.

Cecilia Barns: You’re very welcome.