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Honey Whiskey Cider For Cold Winter Nights

honey whiskey cider

Shantel Wittstruck from Women On Ice shares a tasty recipe that can be enjoyed on a cold day of ice fishing. Here’s an easy recipe you can toss in the flask for a cold winter day. Yes, we know that ...

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Why Bourbon Is Made In Kentucky

I’ve been a bourbon fan for a long time. I find it to be more approachable than most whiskeys, probably due to the sweetness imparted by the corn mash. I’ve also known that Kentucky is popular for bourbon distillers but ...

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Infusing Vodka and Other Spirits with Spice

When you want to bring heat to your cocktails, chili peppers are great for infusing your spirits with spice. Making your own infused vodka, gin or rum is an easy way to personalize your liquor cabinet, and the options available ...

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