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Pelican 9000 Light Case Review

Pelican 9000 Light Case

On a kayak or canoe trip it’s nice to have items that serve more than one purpose because you’re often limited on space. That’s one thing I really like about the Pelican 9000 Light Case. The lights are bright enough ...

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Zippo Outdoor Rugged Lantern Review

Zippo Outdoor Rugged Lantern

You can drop it, toss it or soak it, but the Zippo Outdoor Rugged Lantern will keep on working throughout it all to ensure you have a bright light to illuminate your car-camping adventures. The Zippo Rugged Latern has high-quality ...

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The New Zippo Outdoor Lantern Is Truly Rugged

zippo outdoor lantern

When you think of the name Zippo you automatically think of the lighter, and a good one at that. But that is not all they are good at. Zippo Outdoor has launched a whole new line of products geared to ...

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