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Hiking At Ape Cave: An Underground Adventure Awaits

Coming from Minnesota, the lure of hiking an ancient underground lava tube at the base of Mount St. Helens is too good to pass up. With our friends from Hi-Tec, we headed into the abyss, searching for some adventure… Ape ...

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Butler Boots with Liners Overview

Overview:The original Butler boots, of course, that you could wear over a shoe and now for 2015 comes with this liner. Now unlike traditional boots that have very thin, thin liners this is 60 millimeters thick but 100% breathable and ...

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Butler Kids Overboot Overview

Butler Kids Overboot

Overview: The Butler Kids Overboot is really designed to make mom’s life easier so it’s super versatile. A beautiful boot made out of TPE and inside are children’s shoes. So the child simply dons the boot over his shoe and ...

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Bogs Tumalo Overview

Bogs Tumalo

Overview Bogs know life is a matter of degrees. A few degrees can be the difference between a snowstorm, a week of rain or a weekend of sunshine. After 40 years in the shoe industry, Bogs was created as the ...

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The Hi-Tec Altitude Pro RGS Hiking Boot Is Packed With Technology

hi-tec altitude pro RGS

It is always fun to go on a hike when you’re out camping, whether you are an experienced hiker or just out to have some fun the new Hi-Tec Altitude Pro RGS hiking boot will suit your needs. One of ...

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Stay Waterproof and Warm With The Grubs Boots Rideline

Grubs Boots Rideline

Grubs Boots were founded by David Foster in the UK and were truly meant to keep your feet dry and warm. The Grubs Boots Rideline use a self insulating foam making them both waterproof and insulated. What is super impressive ...

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