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Vasque Talus Trek Hiking Boot Overview

Overview: Here is the Vasque Talus Trek Hiking Boot. Vasque is making the Talus Trek in both a Mid and Low version. This really allows you to select a shoe to exactly what you are doing and what you will ...

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Vasque Sundowner Hiking Boot Overview

Overview: The Vasque Sundowner has been an incredibly popular boot over the year and swas originally launched in 1984. Vasque has a lot of customers looking for that original style. So they went back and redesigned this boot to be ...

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Vasque Grand Traverse Hiking Shoes Overview

vasque grand traverse hiking shoes

Overview: Vasque brought their hiking shoe line over to the United States in 1964 for one reason, allow people the experience of the simple, profound joy of breaking a sweat above rock, gravel, snow, and ice. They are now a ...

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