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Traveling With A Pet Across the Border

traveling with a pet

Don’t let crossing the border make you nervous unless you’re packing a kilo and some guns. For the most part it is a non-event and if you are prepared it can go down smoother than a properly aged whiskey. Even ...

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A Taste of Austria

Get Yourself A Taste of Austria What do you get when spend two years filming in the beautiful outdoors of Austria? You get 5TB of footage. And if we don’t say so ourselves, it’s some pretty great footage. Take a ...

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Cairns Are A Beautiful Rock Pile – Do You Know What They Are?

Cairns A Beautiful Rock Pile

I came to cairns rather late in life! I am not talking about the breed of dog of Toto fame. I am talking about the man-made piles of stacked stones built along pathways throughout the world. Cairns are a beautiful ...

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