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Never Lose Gear Again With The T-Reign ProCase

t-reign procase

If you have ever lost a phone, camera, GPS or other electronic device while hiking or camping, then you definitely need the T-Reign ProCase. The ProCase is not only a waterproof, protecting case it also comes equipped with an internal ...

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T-Reign Retractable Gear Tethers

t-reign retractable gear tethers

If you’re out hiking in rough terrain or camping in the backcountry the chance of losing a piece of gear is real. And Scary. It is critical to keep all of the gear you brought as it all serves a ...

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T-Reign ProHolster Two-Way Radio Holster

t-reign proholster two-way radio

The T-Reign ProHolster is an open-top case with a tether to easily hold your two-way radio, GPS or small camera. The ProHolster will protect your radio while keeping it attached and easily accessible. It is great when hiking and navigating ...

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